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18th April 2016

Interview Tips: 7 Top Tips For A Great Interview

Niche Recruitment | Interview Tips: 7 Top Tips For A Great Interview - Blog

Being selected for an interview means you’re on the yellow brick road to potential success! Don’t crack open that bottle of champers quite yet though. In this introduction, we’re going to take you through a few pointers to help you smash that interview with flying colours. Sit tight and take notes.

We will help you prepare for the interview, but it may also be useful to talk to a friend or relative for any useful tips…they may see something in you that will help!


Possibly our ‘numero uno’ tip at Niche Recruitment is to research the job description and company. Nothing screams ‘DO NOT EMPLOY ME’ more than being underprepared. Don’t think you can blag this either, interviewers can tell! Do some online research and find out more about the company’s people, services or products. Prepare some chosen questions you would like more information about!

2 – CV

You should know your own life better than anyone. If there’s anything you’re an expert at it’s this. So make sure you know your stuff on ‘you’. Review your own CV so you can be prepared for any questions the employer may ask. This could be dates of employment, qualifications, or reasons for gaps between jobs.

3 – LOOK?

Studies show that potential employers make the first impression within the first few seconds of exposure to someone. So make it count! Make sure that as a bottom-line standard, you’re presentable; this means clean and smart. Is your shirt ironed? Shoes polished? Hair combed? Lay everything out the night before, so you’re not rushing around on the day.

4 – TIME

Approaching an interview is like going to the cinema; you’ll want to arrive there a few minutes early to check-in and get yourself settled, or risk the stink eye at your fumbling entry. Timekeeping for an interview is one of the main indications of your attitude to the job in general, so make sure you portray the right outlook. Plan your route, figure out where to park, and leave a few minutes comfortable breathing time.


Demonstrate why YOU are the best choice for the role. Be positive and emphasise your strengths. Don’t lie (seriously, these interviewers have been in the game for a while, they can see you coming a mile off), and listen carefully to ensure you can give an appropriate answer. We suggest using the ‘STAR’ method for more on this, check out our STAR blog here! The interviewer is likely to ask a range of competency-based questions so it’s important you use examples from your own experience to make the situation more relatable.


The finish line is in sight…you’re almost there! Before you sprint off out of the interview, make sure you have all the information you need, and ask if they do too. If you are interested in the role and company, then make sure they know you are! Don’t be left in the dark either, ask what happens next in regards to the next stage of the process.

** Make sure you call us straight after your interview! Not only do we want to congratulate you, but we’re also nosey and want to find out your feedback… That way, we can share your comments with the client and get their feedback too.


Pour yourself a glass; you deserve it! It might be a few days before we can get back to you, but if it’s a yes then well done!… You’ve made it to the second stage interview. At Niche, we follow your progress till a final outcome occurs, so we’ll give you a lowdown on what happens next. If it’s a no, then we’ll make good effort to investigate constructive feedback for you and find out the reasons why. We want your experience with Niche Recruitment to be positive, so help us help you to get what you want out of it.

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