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Niche Recruitment

Posted by Nick Wimshurst
21st April 2016

What does your profile picture say about you?

Niche Recruitment | What does your profile picture say about you

According to research carried out by the University of Pennsylvania, 5 personality categories were established after looking the character profiles of over 66,000 results individuals. The 5 personality categories where established: Neruticism, agreeableness, conscientious, extroversion and openness to experience.

Open to experiences

This was identifying as people who have posed with an object, such as a snowboard of guitar and common features include large framed glasses (very random we know!). People within this category enjoy tackling an exciting experience and might often post colourless photos or look angry or sad in them.


Neurotic individuals, according to research, often have trouble holding back their negative emotions and as result often have a profile picture that isn’t of their face – it’s normally a car, building or a pet.


Conscientious social media user are liked to appear older in there profile pictures than they actually are! They normally do this by wearing glasses or smart clothing! They typically enjoy orderliness, planned behaviour and have good self-discipline. They never have a hair out of place!


Agreeable individuals are likely to have colourful photos that are blurry, badly framed and out of focus – simply because they’re having too much fun to care!  As the name suggests, these users are cheerful, smile and get along with most everyone!


A category of show-offs. These people technically try and appear younger then they are and they like a contrast or situation filter!

What category do you fall into?

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