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19th December 2016

Seasons Greetings from Niche

Niche Recruitment | Seasons Greetings- Blog

If we’ve introduced our services, whether you’re a client or candidate, chances are you’ve had a peek at our Niche Christmas Card…

We’ve been busy elves, designing, printing and distributing several hundred personalised cards to letterboxes and email accounts. When it approached the festive season, we wanted to spread the cheer with something that had ‘Niche’ written all over it; and so began the Christmas plans.

Niche Recruitment | Niche Christmas

Recruitment isn’t our only niche in the office…2 of our team members are artists in their free time. This prompted the idea to take our card design in-house to add an individual twist on the traditional seasonal send-out.

It’s essential for us as a brand to show our client and candidate base that were personable as well as professional, as this message can often get lost in the recruitment sector. By adding ourselves to the message, we hope you’ll agree that our design sprinkles some character into the world of recruitment.

Meet the artist

My name’s Rebecca…You might have spoken to me about career opportunities. I joined the team in March as a Resourcer & Marketing Coordinator, but I’m also an artist/illustrator in my free time. The illustrations you see in this post has been a result of commitment to the niche brand, my team, and our consumers.

Various ideas for the Christmas Card were discussed between myself and Victoria (artist #2 & Marketing Specialist) before we settled on the concept of bringing our avatars into the image.

An initial paper sketch was drafted on A3 paper before being scanned into the computer and prepped for colour. Faced with a standard black outline, I used a graphics drawing tablet to sketch the line-art digitally into Photoshop on a ‘layer’ of the picture. Next, the line art was ‘coloured in’ on another layer (imagine digital layers of acetate which ‘build up’ the picture when stacked). Finally, the Niche logo was imported into the picture, and all the layers were ‘merged’ into one image, which could then be sent out.

In the end, there were a few mistakes (including Nick’s lack of socks!), but we’re happy to have our little stamp on Christmas and hope you appreciate it too.

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings from Niche!

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