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16th January 2017

Blue Monday…does it really exist? WE DON’T THINK SO!

Niche Recruitment | Blue Monday - Does it actually exist? - Blog

Today is apparently the most depressing day of the year with people’s moods being affected by their post-Christmas finances, the cold weather and the long wait for the summer. Researchers have dubbed January 16th as Blue Monday with a survey by the Co-op finding that 26% of British people claim that this month is when they feel the most isolated.

Well, here at Niche Recruitment we are pretty happy today! We are all having a cup of positivi-tea! You can choose to believe that today will be grim and depressing, or you can choose to believe it will be a beautiful day, after all – Blue Monday was only created by an American holiday company to sell more holidays!

Here are some reasons to be happy in January:

  • It’s the start of a fresh New Year of opportunities
  • Enjoy the cold cosy nights in with your loved ones and Netflix!
  • Take up a new hobby, or revive old ones!
  • Focus on organisation and de-clutter your work or home space
  • Get at least 20 minutes of exercise per day for a healthier body and mind
  • Delve into a new bestseller and escape at the end of a busy day!
  • Relax more. January is the one month that doesn’t have a ‘holiday’ so create a YOU day!
  • Utilise your skills with a new career move! Here at Niche, we are armed and ready to help with your job search!
  • The power is in your hands today! Don’t be blue, put the kettle on and have a brew!
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