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1st February 2017

Helping People and Businesses Grow

Niche Recruitment | Helping people and businesses grow

They say there’s no substitute for experience. We agree. We also think knowledge and the ability to build an honest relationship are vitally important too. Which is why everything we do is based around those three key elements.

Taking the time to get to know your business, who can add value to it is always the first step. Tt involves listening, being honest and, if needs be, challenging your requirements and processes. Then our expert insight, varied experience and second-to-none market knowledge come into play. All to help your business make informed recruitment decisions.

Sarah came to Niche when she was searching for a new role! She then came back to us to recruit for her own team. We are pleased to say we found just the right person to fit within the company…

Genuinely insightful………is the most accurate way to describe the approach taken by Niche Recruitment when working with employers and candidates.  I have been fortunate enough to experience the Niche ‘way’ from both aspects.

Nick and the team take time to fully understand the requirements (and not just those on a job description) to make sure that employers and candidates have similar values, ethics, views on social and corporate responsibility. The Niche team go so much further than looking at the fulfilment of a skill set.

As a candidate, I felt looked after and valued and I really appreciated the continued contact with the team after my appointment.

As an employer, I could recognise a Niche candidate at interview within moments, because of the duty of care that Nick gave to me in terms of not wasting my time.  I suspect many employers understand the dread of the ‘Recruitment Consultant’ calling you and bounce the call.  This never happened with Nick or his team, because when they called I knew that they would offer me valuable information, competence and to put it really simply………they are really, really nice!”

Sarah  – Jan 2017

Over the last 2 years we have gained ourselves a fantastic reputation, securing over 180 placements across Digital Marketing, Project Management and Head Office roles in Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. We understand the importance of finding the right person. We’re passionate about not just reading through a CV, check eligibility and send candidates over. Quality is important to us and we meet all of our prospective candidates face to face and really get to know them first. We work with a wide range of clients; from start-ups and growing SMEs, to agencies and well-known brands, all with one aim: to help bring top-class talent and successful clients together.

Why us? If you require assistance in your candidate search please do give us a call. We would be happy to buy you a coffee! 01793 230469

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