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19th June 2017

9 top tips for keeping your interview cool!

Niche Recruitment | Keeping cool

We all love the sunshine, however, unless you’re in a fan-tastically air-conditioned office (see what we did there?), you’re probably a little bit hot right now…..yes? Fear not! We’ve put together 9 top tips on how to keep your cool during this hot weather during interviews:

  • No-one wants to be a sweaty mess before they’ve even arrived at the office, so address your daily commute. Set the alarm clock an hour earlier so you can make your way to work in a leisurely fashion, rather than risk overheating as you rush around.
  • Buy yourself a fan, you may think you’re just blowing around hot air but at least you’ll create a breeze. If you can, put a bowl of ice in front of the fan and create some air conditioning of your own.
  • Whether in the office or at home, closing the blinds will keep your rooms cool. If you’re leaving the house to go to work, then leave the blinds/curtains closed. The rooms should be cooler when you return, then you can open the windows in the evening and get some air flow.
  • Dress smart. Wardrobe choices are key in the struggle to stay cool. Synthetic fibres trap heat so if you can, wear loose natural fibres like cotton. Try and stick to lighter colours as dark colours absorb heat.
  • KEEP HYDRATED! This is very important in the heat. Water is your best friend, drink it, put some in a spray bottle and spray on your skin for immediate effect, or run your wrists under a cold tap, this will help to cool the body down. Hey, you could even dunk your feet in a bowl of water (perhaps at home though, not in the office!)
  • If you’re lunching outside remember to stay in the shade. The sun is at it’s strongest between 11 am and 3 pm.
  • Keep an ice pack in your lunch box, they are cheap to purchase and they will keep your lunch items cool all morning.
  • Slow down….avoid vigorous exercise if you can. Your body is already working just that little bit harder to regulate your body temperature.
  • Think cool. Close your eyes and imagine fluffy snow outside…it works! Research has shown the body reacts to daydreams, and that imagining a snowy scene can help reduce body temperature.

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