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6th June 2017

11 top tips on how to smash Skype interviews…

Niche Recruitment | Skype Interview Success

Skype interviews are an increasingly used approach in recruitment and offer benefits in terms of convenience, and can save on travel costs. If you’re not used to talking via your laptop or recording yourself on it, you may feel a bit self-conscious, check out our top tips……

1 – Practice your interview with a friend and have typical interview questions to hand so that you have answers ready. Make notes!

2 – Tidy Up! Prepare your surroundings, look behind you! Make sure the area is well lit

3 – Turn off any noise and eliminate any interruptions (like the children running in!)

4 – Check your username! Boozysuzy or Halfajobbob doesn’t look professional. Your name, or as close to it is much better.

5 – Dress the part, it’s still an interview. Check out the company website, Twitter, Facebook, and get a feel for how the employees dress.

6 – Keep your notes in front of you along with a copy of your CV, the job spec and any key figures. Keep your notes as bullet points so you don’t have to look away from the screen for too long!

7 – Stay present. Maintain eye contact and show interest! Remember to look at the camera lens and not the screen.

8 – Sit up straight, speak clearly and pace yourself. Avoid talking over your interviewer, especially if there is a slight connection delay.

9 – Handle technical glitches immediately and gracefully, and remember sometimes there can be a slight delay.

10 – Treat your Skype interview as you would a face-to-face interview.

11 – Always remember to thank the interviewer for their time!

Good Luck!

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