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19th June 2019

5 Things Everyone Can Relate To When Starting A New Job

Niche Recruitment | 6 Things Everyone Can Relate To When Starting A New Job

So you’re about to start a new job, you’ve passed the application process, smashed the interview and been offered the role (yay – well done you!) now the serious work begins. Despite being over the moon about your new job, the fear of starting somewhere new soon sets in. No matter how experienced you are or how many jobs you’ve had – first-day nerves are still a thing and the emotional rollercoaster of starting a new job is real.

So, to help bring your irrational first-day nerves back to normal, here are 6 common concerns EVERYONE feels when starting a new job and how to get around them:

1 – What the heck do I wear? 👚

Deciding on what to wear on your first day is hard. Do you go formal, casual or the awkward middle ground? The best way to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb is to send a friendly email to a member of the HR team, your hiring manager or even interviewer. However, if in doubt, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Don’t worry – everyone looks super formal on their first day!

2 – How will I learn everyone’s name? 🤝  

A first day, or first week even, is information overload at the best of times let alone trying to remember everyone’s name! It might sound a little awkward but it’s worth writing names down – even on a sitting plan to help! If in doubt, someone in HR or an office manager can help.

3 – What am I going to do for lunch? 🍲

We’ve all been there. Sat at our desks at 3 pm, starving because someone’s not told you to go for lunch and you’ve been too nervous to say anything! Learn this lesson from us, if you’re ever in doubt about your office location, whether there are any shops nearby, or you’re just unsure about the lunch arrangements/times – make sure you take a full lunch with you just in case.

4 – What if I make a mistake? 🤦

Mistakes are normal and part of everyday life, so please don’t be worried to make them in your new job. That annoying mum saying, ‘you only learn from your mistakes’ is SO TRUE! It’s all part of the process and everyone has been there. Try to stay cool, don’t hide any mistakes and be totally transparent! Your boss or manager will be grateful for your honesty and will be able to fix the problem quicker if they know about it!

5 – Will I fit in? 💪

All sorts of fears about your new workmates will fly through your head. What if they’re older or younger and we don’t connect? What if they don’t get my sense of humour? Try not to overthink this one. Chances are, there’ll be at least one person that you can relate to! Just be yourself, be friendly and everything will be ok.

Don’t let the overthinking and fear of being a newbie get the best of you. You’ve smashed the whole process so far, so we have no doubt you’ll nail the rest and fit in like a dream!

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