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5th June 2019

What Is Ghosting: A New Candidate Recruitment Trend

Ghosting: A New Candidate Recruitment Trend | Niche Recruitment - Blog

In today’s modern dating world, ‘ghosting’ is a common occurrence and it’s now crossed into many other aspects of professional life, in particular, recruitment.

For those lucky enough to be unfamiliar with the term, ‘ghosting’ is when someone you’re dating suddenly becomes unresponsive to messages and calls. Essentially vanishing into thin air – just like a ghost! More and more recruiters are dealing with vanishing candidates and unfortunately, not every applicant has the courtesy to show up for an interview, or call to say that they’re no longer interested. More shockingly, it’s not uncommon for a new hire to not show up for their first day after having accepted an offer!!

So if you’re a recruiter and familiar with being left on read, we’ve got 3 effective ways to avoid a candidate ‘ghosting’ you…

1 – Don’t overpromise…

Maybe you’ve overpromised on the job and the candidate doesn’t feel that the reality reflects the role promised. Maybe a candidate has oversold themselves, they aren’t suited to the jobs and are too embarrassed to explain. Either way, ghosting can be common within these circumstances and it’s important to manage a candidate’s expectation versus the reality of the role! ‘How do I prevent this?’ I hear you say… We recommend you keep your job adverts clear and concise. Be honest, as accurate as possible and totally transparent when it comes to all aspects of the job – especially the office culture and day-to-day vibe. It’s crucial you paint as precise a picture as possible otherwise that candidate will log/sign off.

2 –  Try different ways to keep them engaged… 

If it’s been a couple of days and you’re still waiting to hear from a candidate, why not try sending something that will grab their attention. Instead of just sending message after message and getting nowhere fast, send them something valuable – a blog (maybe a day in the life of – relevant if it’s a particular job or company that they’re looking for), a text message or a video message to jog their memory. It’s guaranteed to go down better than a ‘me again’ email – no one likes those!

3 – Don’t forget that human touch…

In a world where everything is automated, human interaction is treasured and can make the difference between a candidate coming back to you or going elsewhere. Make each individual candidate a priority and dedicate time to their individual career search. Get to know them as a person and let them get to know you! Personality plays a huge part in any industry, especially recruitment, and if you’ve built a relationship with someone they’re less likely to ghost you!

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