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18th July 2019

Video Interviews vs. Traditional CV’s

Niche Recruitment | Video Interviews vs. Traditional CV’s - Blog

How can an two-page A4 piece of paper written in size 12 Times New Roman font accurately represent an individual’s skills, and experience, personality AND drive? The answer is, it can’t!

Here at Niche Recruitment, we utilize the latest video technology within our recruitment process. Our innovative platform allows the team to record a first-stage interview with pre-set questions, which can then be sent to a client alongside a fully interactive CV. Genius, right?

But what other benefits does video interviewing have over a traditional CV? Let’s break the two down…

Video Interview

  • Speeds up the recruitment process
  • Reduces the amount of time spent coordinating and attending interviews
  • Can be reviewed as many times as needed
  • Can directly compare answers to interview questions 
  • No geographical restrictions
  • More of an insight into cultural and team fit
  • Elaboration on skills and experience
  • Ability to gauge a candidate’s personality and interpersonal skills

Paper CV’s

  • Contains minimal information  
  • Limited personality insight – only reveals hard skills
  • Short summary of skills and experience
  • Time-consuming to read and sift through

It’s clear to see that video interviewing is not only quicker, cheaper and faster but provides viewers with more of an insight into the interviewee. This insight, we believe, is the difference between the right hire, and the wrong hire.

We’ve had an excellent response from both candidates and clients and it’s truly changed the way we work as a recruitment agency. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch-

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