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14th August 2019

4 key benefits video interviewing can bring to your business

Niche Recruitment | 4 key benefits video interviewing can bring to your business

1 – Reduces time-to-hire and YOUR time 

That famous old phrase “time is money” couldn’t be more prominent! Being productive during your recruitment journey and keeping candidates engaged throughout the hiring process are two of the toughest elements when it comes to recruiting a new team member. Video interviewing allows you to do both, and brilliantly!

Using video during the early stages of the recruitment process can reduce time to hire by connecting with the best candidates as soon as they show interest. This helps sustain momentum and keeps the candidate’s interest up. According to Hinterview (video platform suppliers), the entire hiring time will be reduced by up to 70% through replacing the first-stage interview with video. Say goodbye to scheduling hassle! 

2 – Attracts the next generation of talent

With Millennials playing a huge part of the rise of the internet/smartphones and technology so deeply ingrained into their identity, it’s important to communicate with them digitally and engage them innovatively. Video interviewing not only allows your business to meet the technological standards of Millennials but also allows your candidates to apply for jobs and interview on their smartphones and tablets, whatever their location. 

3 – Improves the quality of hire

Perhaps the most beneficial feature for businesses is that this technology gives you the ability to review interviews more than once – allowing you to directly compare the candidate’s answers. This, in turn, helps you make stronger hiring decisions. Another massive benefit is if you’re unsure about whether a candidate meets your criteria or is a good team fit, you can gain the input of your colleagues by reviewing the video again. Genius right?

4 – Cuts recruitment cost 

There are several ways in which video interviewing can save money, including:

  • Time-saving – it’s simple, you’ll be able to interview more candidates but spend less time doing it.
  • Avoiding the cost of the wrong hire – hiring the wrong person can be very costly!
  • Building an enhanced employer brand – surveys have shown that candidates like video interviews, they find the process slick, professional and easy which is a win-win for everyone!

Want to find out more about how video interviewing can help improve your recruitment process? Get in touch with Niche Recruitment Directors Nick and Michelle in 01793 230469.

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