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13th August 2019

5 common mistakes made by graduate job seekers

Niche Recruitment | 5 common mistakes made by graduate job seekers

It’s so easy to get it wrong when you’re looking for your first job. So we’ve listed 5 common mistakes typically made by graduates and how we recommend you avoid them…

1 – Overcrowded CV

Your CV reflects who you are, so you want it to be the best it possibly can! It’s very easy to get carried away, adding every job you’ve ever had but when it comes to putting pen to paper, it’s crucial to be precise. Tailor your CV to each job application with only your most relevant experience.

2 – Poorly chosen references

It’s recommended that you have at least two references on your CV – one professional and one academic. It’s important to choose individuals who hold a senior position, that knows you well enough to speak highly of you and have a relevant position in your chosen industry. Try to avoid picking a friend within an old company and focus on a professional individual who you had frequent contact with.

3 – Lack of research

Research in preparation for a job application or job interview is SO important. The 5 keys things you should research before any job application is:

  • The skills and experience the company requires/values
  • The key players within the business
  • Recent News/events hosted by them
  • Clients and services
  • The person or panel interviewing you

4 – Spelling/grammar

One of the most common mistakes made by applicants, and not just graduates, is poor spelling and grammar. It’s especially easy to make this mistake if you’re rushing to finish an application in limited time. We suggest you ask at least 2 people to proofread your CV/job application before you submit it.

TOP TIP: there are lots of brilliant tools to help eliminate grammar errors, such as Grammarly or Gradeproof.

5 – Online presence

Unless you consciously try to avoid it, you have a social media presence. Scarily the internet is forever so aware of what you say into cyberspace. Don’t let your social media presence hurt your job search. You may even lack a social media presence. If that’s the case, we recommend creating a personal LinkedIn profile. It’ll help amp up your professional profile and show your knowledge/interest in your industry. Make sure you post regular, thought-provoking content, news articles and blogs.

Need more advice on what your profile picture says about you? Head over to our ‘what does your profile picture say about you blog!

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