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29th August 2019

The Guide to Perfecting Your Interview Elevator Pitch

Niche Recruitment | The Guide to Perfecting Your Interview Elevator Pitch

A good elevator pitch can be the difference between landing a new job or not so it’s important to nail it! Luckily for you, the team at Niche Recruitment have put together a quick guide on how to grab your opportunity with both hands and smash your pitch. You’re welcome.

Capture the listener’s attention

What makes you different from anyone else? Your personality. There’s no one else in the world like you – so use this to capture the attention of your listener! Introduce yourself and clearly state your qualifications. The start of the conversation is a perfect time to build a relationship so make sure your introduction is friendly and open. Your personality and engagement will no doubt get their attention.

Highlight your unique qualities

Eliminate the jargon and all the technical rubbish! Make your elevator pitch as easy to listen and understand as possible. The last thing you want to do is make your listener feel confused or uninformed. You’ll get a chance to dazzle them with your technical skills during the interview questions stage.

Get organised 

Organise your thoughts and communicate them in a logical order, with the most important information first.

Give examples 

Having examples is one of the best ways to demonstrate your experience and abilities so don’t forget about them. Don’t worry too much about having examples for everything but make sure you have a healthy selection up your sleeve.

Keep it short

Unlike this blog, it’s important to keep your elevator pitch short and sweet. 60 seconds is long enough to keep your listener engaged so make sure you practice!

Enjoy the ride

… Last but certainly not least, try and enjoy the ride! Remind yourself to relax, stand tall and have confidence in what you’re saying. Body language during pitches and presentations are is SO important – don’t slouch, speak clearly and most importantly – smile!

Top Tips To Smash Your Elevator Pitch!

  • Be as flexible as you can and adapt your pitch to different situations and audiences
  • Try and keep it as natural and authentic as possible
  • Avoid clichés or gimmicks – you want to be taken seriously and come across as professional
  • Practice and rehearse until you’re sick of hearing your own voice!

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