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27th September 2019

Why Autumn is a great season to ‘fall’ into a new job!

Niche Recruitment | Why Autumn is a great season to bag yourself a new job!

We’re always being asked ‘When’s the best time to look for a new job?’ or ‘Is there a time of year I should avoid moving roles?’ and the truth is there isn’t! However, Autumn looks like a pretty healthy time to make a job move. So sit back, grab your pumpkin spiced latte and enjoy reading why the change in season could be a good time for a career change too…

It’s no secret that Spring is the most popular time of year for people to change jobs, but Autumn is a close second. Why?

  • Many see Autumn as the season of change. The days are shorter, colder and the blues often hit so many search for a fresh new opportunity.
  • Everyone is back from their summer holiday and after a slow summer, recruitment speeds up in Autumn. Hiring managers are back to it and it’s all stations go.
  • Companies often need help before the festive period and they like to onboard and get the team settled and organised before an extremely busy Christmas!
  • With the end of the year looming, businesses are often reflecting on performance and making all kinds of decisions that lead to job openings

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