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2nd September 2019

How to boost your employability

Niche Recruitment | How to boost your employability

In a candidate rich employment market it is important to represent yourself in the best possible light to future employers. Read our 4 simple steps to boost your employability and set yourself above the competition in the job market.

1 – Surround yourself with the right people

One of the most useful steps you can take to improve your chances of gaining employment and boost your employability is to build a network of people that work in your target industry. Send them a LinkedIn connection, reach out via message and see if they can offer you any career advice. You never know, they may even flag up some opportunities or refer you to one of their contacts. Be bold and give it go!

2 – Read all about it

Understanding your strengths and making plans based on showcasing your talents is wise. Nothing better than celebrating your achievements publicly! Post them on LinkedIn – there’s nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back for something great that you’ve worked hard to achieve!

3 – Knowledge is power

It might sound obvious – but the best and easiest way to boost your employability is to become an expert in your field. Familiarise yourself with the industry, do endless additional reading and think beyond your current role/work experience placement. When you’re applying for jobs make sure you research upcoming trends, recent news and the latest campaigns.

4 – Be unique

Your movements could present new opportunities. When planning your career, it’s important to think about how your attitudes and behaviour should adapt – as well as your skills. Keep on top of your game!

For more tips on securing your dream job, inlcuding how to write a CV to how and how to present yourself on a video interview visit our blog page

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