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23rd September 2019

Video Interview Guide: How to Prepare

Niche Recruitment | Video Interview Guide: How to Prepare

Nearly 2 years after adoption, our video interviews are still a big hit with our candidates AND clients. Our secret weapon?… Hinterview!

For those of you who don’t already know, Hinterview is a video interviewing tool designed to speed up and improve the recruitment process. It gives you the opportunity to add more to your information to your application before you’re invited for an interview! To make sure you’re as prepared as possible for your video interview, we’ve put together a short guide…

What to expect…

  • Your Niche Consultant will arrange a Hinterview with you at a time to suit you and, if agreed with the client, can send through a list of questions to allow you time to prepare
  • At the time of your interview, your recruitment agent will send you a link to follow to join the Hinterview
  • Your recruitment agent will let you know when the recording has started and finished
  • The rest is like the normal recruitment process; your recruiter will submit your Hinterview and CV to the client and update you directly with feedback.

Before you start…

    • If you’re using an iOS device, please download the Hinterview app from the App Store in advance
    • If you’re on a PC, Mac or Android device, please use Google Chrome or Firefox web browser.
  • Make sure your microphone, headset and camera are plugged in and you’ve granted them permission. Please ensure you have done this beforehand, otherwise, you may need to start
    the session again
  • Hinterview relies on a good internet connection. If you’re on a desktop, close any applications which may use your internet, if possible, use a wired connection

Top Tips…

  • Keep it short, sweet and concise. Talk only about your recent and relevant experience – the ideal video interview length is 7-15 minutes.
  • Hook the interest of your watcher within the first 5 minutes by maintaining good eye contact and smiling.
  • Be prepared. Try to avoid reading off a script as you’ll come across flat and monotone. If you need to, pop a sticky note next to your camera as a prompt.
  • Stay nice and relaxed.
  • Don’t forget to dress professionally – although you’re not directly meeting our client, this will be sent to them so make sure you create the best first impression possible.
  • And most importantly, be yourself!

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