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26th March 2020

Working From Home: A Remote Workers Survival Guide

Working From Home | Niche Recruitment - Swindon, Wiltshire



For some, getting into the office is an escape from the four walls of their own home. It’s where they go to chat to their colleagues, their work family, they can catch a hot cup of tea, and for most, it’s where they enjoy being for their 9 to 5.


With Administration & Support being the 3rd biggest industry in the UK to work for, equating to 9% of the population, we’re now looking at the reality of becoming a large nation of homeworkers as social distancing & lock-down comes into effect. Sure there are perks of working from home; you don’t have to worry about the daily commute, finding a parking space, or about someone having fish for lunch. You can keep your slippers on, have the heating on at your ideal temperature, and a coffee out of your favourite mug. But this can soon become very isolating, and somewhat lonely – it’s important to get home working right. Some of us are juggling remote working and home schooling, on top of that, we have pets & young children to entertain – it’s easy to get stressed out very quickly!


With that in mind, making a concerted effort to keep in touch with the outside world is imperative, especially now when more and more limitations are being put into effect daily. Here at Niche, the first thing we have put into practice is having two face-to-face meetings on Microsoft Teams daily, to check in and see how we’re all getting on. We’re planning virtual team lunches, attending webinar after webinar, and will even be doing a Bake Off (more on that to follow)! It’s simple steps like this towards maintaining social interaction that is especially important to our mental well-being during this uncertain time.


Furthermore, here are some top tips on how to survive working from home:

  1. 1. Always get dressed. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not going live on webcam today, it’s good for your well-being and a positive habit to maintain.
  2. 2. Set up a comfortable office space, design it to your liking, creating a productive environment to work in – on this note, have you taken a risk assessment to make sure your work-space is safe?
  3. 3. Establish a routine & schedule in regular breaks, the same as you would in the office – the only difference being that you can take them whenever it suits you. This is especially important if you have children at home with you, because it is so easy to become distracted! A routine can help point them in the right direction and help prevent them asking you what to do every 5 minutes!
  4. 4. If you can still leave the house, go for a walk, or sit in the garden; get some fresh air!
  5. 5. And, most importantly, if you find you’re struggling, pick up the phone and call someone.

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