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22nd July 2020

Find Out How CO-VIDEO Beats COVID

Niche Recruitment | Co-video beats COVID

The ongoing COVID pandemic restrictions and the potential long-term recruitment ripples shouldn’t keep you from hiring the top talent you need.

Instead of turning off your recruitment, join major employers and industry leaders like Amazon, Facebook, PwC, and Microsoft in conducting your interviews via video.

If you’re nimble enough to get on board with video interviewing, you’ll be able to have your pick of the best candidates while the competition scrambles to catch up. Because even if your interviewer and interviewee are self-isolating, they can still start and even conclude the whole process.

Why Do Video Interviews During COVID…And Beyond?


The bottom line is; see the opportunities rather than the obstacles and you won’t miss out.

Video Interviewing:

State-of-the-art Technology


Effective Video interviewing is something Niche Recruitment have been using – and preaching about – since at least 2BC! (Yes, that’s two years before Corona.)

And not just a one-way video application, but a two-way video interview. After all, human interaction is vital in recruitment and it doesn’t have to stop in a virtual environment.

So, we invested in state-of-the-art video-engagement technology that allows us to meet, screen, interview, and then present better prepared and better-selected candidates to our clients. Ultimately, for quicker consideration.

Here’s how it works:

  • We conduct face-to-face video interviews over our video technology
  • Using questions specified by the client or designed by us
  • The recordings are sent directly to the hiring manager for review
  • Allowing you to make a more informed decision on who to bring in for face-to-face interviews

Benefits To Our Clients


The benefits to our clients go beyond the current COVID situation. By cutting out the time-intensive (and potentially time-wasting) first-stage interview and removing barriers to travel or location we can reduce the recruitment to hire journey by almost half. And widen the talent pool at the same time!

Video interviewing offers you the chance to continue to communicate instead of isolate. And right now, that’s more important than ever. Currently Jobseekers are frustrated. Most companies are giving them no information on what to expect during the interview process, assuming it’s continuing at all. At a time when everyone’s on edge, this kind of non communication really puts candidates off.

With a choice of software, and with experienced video recruiters available, just because you can’t meet, doesn’t mean you can’t have a meaningful interaction with a prospective colleague. If they’re in the frame, our advice is to quite literally put them in the frame!



Of course, there are bound to be hiccups when people do something for the first time. And it’s worth remembering that nerves are likely to be as evident as they would in a traditional and formal interview setting.

So, if someone is having trouble getting their webcam to work – or, if it works too well and reveals that they’re wearing pyjama bottoms with their suit jacket – don’t treat it as a reason not to hire them. Instead, cut your candidates some slack. Embrace the video interview, and use the available technology get to know your potential next employee even better.

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