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14th August 2020

The Best Way To Speeds Up Your Recruitment Process

Niche Recruitment | Two-way video interviewing

There is no question that video technology speeds up the recruitment process, with an average reduction in time to hire of 70% . However, the one way process favoured by many recruiters can make candidates feel overwhelmed. Moreover, it doesn’t give the opportunity to probe deeper on answers to ensure a good cultural fit. In this blog we explain why we think screen…on screen, or two-way video interviewing is the smart way to use video technology

Who’d Have Thought Watching Videos All Day Isn’t A Waste Of Time


Taking advantage of video interviewing during a pandemic isn’t just about protecting yourself by avoiding close encounters with strangers. Done right, video recruiting means you can also protect your organisation from unhealthy and potentially dangerous elements too.

Business Insider reports that 75% of all hiring managers say cultural fit is crucial in the hiring. But, during a time when travel can be deemed non-essential and public transport is to be avoided, how can you be sure your next hire is a fit without an in-depth, in-person interview?

The answer; see the whites of their eyes from behind the safety of your own desk!

Yes, with proper video technology, and a little bit of prep, you can turn the obstacle into an opportunity. We all know it’s practically impossible to gauge someone’s personality from a paper CV. But, with video, you can get a clearer view of the candidate’s character from the first moment their face appears. All without wondering what the current handshake etiquette is.

In fact, using video technology offers you a surprisingly personal, still one-to-one experience. Which, in itself, allows for much warmer introductions and the building of stronger relationships right from the start. Even though you’re working remotely.

Of course, asking for pre-recorded video applications will allow you to review multiple people in a short period of time.. But these can be a bit overwhelming for video newbies, so keep the questions to a maximum (we suggest no more than six).

Plus, make sure candidates know in advance..

  • what you’re asking them to do,
  • why you’re doing it, and
  • at what point in the process they can expect a real-time conversation or feedback.

Why Two-Way Video Interviews Offer Additional Benefits


At Niche, we’re big fans of two-way video interviews. Obviously, we have to invest more time, but it means we can properly screen our candidates on behalf of our clients. And when we say screen, we don’t mean check for symptoms or signs of a virus. We mean properly screen for experience, aptitude, character and cultural fit.

As the video brings people to life, you can quickly discount those you feel are not the right fit early in the process. Even earlier than in a traditional face to face interview where cutting an interviewee short would be awkward.

After all, not wasting time is vitally important. We know that a third of businesses make an immediate decision on whether to hire in about 90 seconds. And one of the biggest frustrations is wasting time conducting interviews with candidates you know are the wrong fit. So, creating a more streamlined, cost-effective and efficient process is good for both candidate and client.

And don’t forget, it also means candidates that are not suitable are informed much earlier in the process. Meaning they can move on with other interviews without having dedicated whole days to travelling to prospective employers. Both sides benefit..

Of course, using an experienced two-way video recruiter like Niche Recruitment saves you even more time, getting us to do the first stage screening and helping cut your recruitment to hire journey by almost half.

That’s why we invested in video technology. And we’ve never regretted it. Our first placement as a result of video interviewing was confirmed in our first week and since then we have seen a sustained increase in the number of placements as a result of video interviews.

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