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12th October 2020

8 Qualities That Make A Successful Salesperson

8 Qualities that make a successful salesperson | Niche Recruitment - Blog

What does it take to be a successful salesperson? It’s an impossible question to answer we know but here at Niche Recruitment, we truly believe it’s all about an individual’s approach. Reflected in our outlook on recruitment and Emotional Intelligence, we believe that hiring shouldn’t be done purely based on skill set but rather ‘hiring for attitude’ and mindset.

So based on that, what characteristics and approach does it take to make a successful salesperson? Our Sales expert Nick believes there are 8 key qualities…

1 – Personality 🔑

Personality is key when it comes to sales. As the old saying goes ‘people buy from people’! A client can always tell when you are ‘acting’, so it’s important to be authentic.

2 – Empathy 👞

Ultimately you are providing a service, introducing an unknown product/service to a client. Listen to them! Understanding their pain points and putting yourself in their shoes can help you tailor your approach and provide the best service.

3 – Honesty 🤝

If, having established their needs, you feel that another product/service may suit them better, tell them. They will ultimately appreciate your honesty, and this will lead to a stronger rapport and more repeat sales. Integrity goes a long way – people buy from those they trust.

4 – Listening 👂

No one wants to be ‘talked at’. Sales is a two-way street that involves providing information, but also listening! Listen to your clients’ reactions as well as their needs – this will help you tailor your sales approach.

5 – Motivation 💪

Set yourself personal goals to work towards – it will be so much more rewarding when you exceed them. You will have good days and bad days in sales, but motivating yourself through the down days will drive up days and make them that much more valuable. A sale will rarely be handed to you-you need to be hungry for it.

6 – Resilience ☝️👇

No one ever said that sales was easy. As a salesperson you need to have resilience and perseverance to manage the ups and downs. Don’t take objections personally – learn from them and see them as an opportunity to develop and adapt your approach.

7 – Confidence 😎

You need to have confidence in your own ability as ultimately others won’t. Confidence in yourself and the product/service that you are selling comes across in your voice.

8 – Ambition 📈

Ambition is a sales professional’s best friend. Use that passion and drive in from your sales approach – clients will hear and engage with it.

Keen to find out more about the sales opportunities we have available here at Niche? Get in contact with our Sales Specialist Resourcer, Nick to find out more TODAY!

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