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Posted by Nick Wimshurst
28th October 2020

What does your social media profile picture say about you?

Niche Recruitment | What does your profile picture say about you

Modern technology means that recruitment agencies and employers usually do their due diligence on new hires by checking their online presence and social media profiles – are you the type of person they want to employ?

According to research carried out by the University of Pennsylvania, after looking at the profiles of over 66,000 individuals, they identified five main personality traits. Which one does your social media profile say about you? Is it the message you want to be conveying to prospective employers?

Open to experiences

People who pose with an object, such as a snowboard or guitar are identified with this category. They regularly posted colourless photos or photos looking angry or sad. Somewhat randomly, a common feature in their photos were large-framed glasses. People within this category enjoy tackling new exciting experiences and enjoy spontaneity over rigid routines. They have substantial appetitive for learning, are intellectually curious, highly creative and imaginative.


Neurotic individuals, according to the research, often have trouble holding back their negative emotions. Also, they can feel anxious, angry or vulnerable than others. As a result, often they may have a profile picture that isn’t of their face – it’s usually a car, building or a pet – to mask their vulnerability.


Conscientious social media users are likely to appear older in their profile pictures than they are! They normally do this by wearing glasses or smart clothing! Typically they enjoy orderliness, planned behaviour and have good self-discipline. They plan ahead and aim high all without a hair out of place!


Agreeable individuals have photos that are colourful, if a little blurry, poorly framed and out of focus. They are simply having too much fun to care! As the name suggests, these users are cheerful, smile and get along with most everyone! Additionally, They are also more trustworthy.


A category of show-offs. These people technically try and appear younger then they are, and they like a contrast or situation filter! Extroverts are talkative, energetic, and assertive. They are not fazed by being the centre of attention, in fact, usually, actively seek the limelight. However, what that means is they are often seen as attention-seeking and overly dominant

In conclusion, employers will check out your social media profiles. Therefore to land your dream job ensure that your social media profile picture represents you and delivers the right message to your future employer.

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