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22nd March 2021

Top Tips For Starting A New Role Remotely

Niche Recruitment | Top Tips for starting a new role remotely

Recently place candidate Laura shares her experience of starting a new role remotely


The last 12 months have certainly been tough. They have created many challenges for individuals looking for work and for organisations that continue to recruit. We caught up with a recently placed candidate, Laura, to ask about her experience of starting a new role remotely.

Having been made redundant while on maternity leave during the middle of a pandemic, I found myself in a very uncertain position. I was fortunate to be contacted by Niche Recruitment during this time. Niche took the time to get to know me, understand my skills and experience and what sort of organisation I was looking to join. Niche supported me with a video application… and coached me for a video interview which led to an offer with UK SBS, where I started in October 2020 as an HR Business Partner.

Starting a new role remotely can be daunting, especially for those who have not worked remotely before. UK SBS have circa 600 employees and were an office-based organisation prior to the pandemic. They have continued to recruit throughout the pandemic and successfully enabled the entire workforce to work remotely which has led to many positive experiences for employees. UK SBS has adapted well to this new way of working.

My onboarding journey was great, and this is why: –


  • I was kept up to date
  • IT equipment was delivered on time with clear instructions on how to set it up
  • They checked I had a suitable home working station
  • My new manager made an effort to get to know me
  • I had a regular dialogue with my manager and team which made me feel welcome and included
  • They tailored their usual employee induction programme to a virtual induction
  • I was shown how to use their communication channels
  • I met my new team for brunch prior to my start date (luckily, I joined outside of lockdown!)
  • My manager set clear expectations and scheduled regular meetings in with me
  • They provided flexibility around working hours and have a strong focus on employee wellbeing


My tips for candidates starting a new role virtually are:


  • Set up a workstation free from clutter and distractions!
  • Get to know your new team and manager
  • Book in introductory meetings with key stakeholders
  • Take proactive steps to stay connected with your team and stakeholders
  • Take time away from your screen every day
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Block out ‘focus time’ in your calendar
  • Be mindful of how long you spend on video calls, too much zoom can cause you to feel fatigued (especially in the first couple of weeks)
  • Understand how the organisation has been impacted by the pandemic
  • Identify where you can make a difference


If you are considering looking for a new remote role, please keep an eye on our website for live opportunities or get in contact with Nick or Michelle at

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