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20th April 2021

How Does It Feel To Start A Work From Home Role

Niche Recruitment | Styarting a new work from home role

We recently caught up with Sonya to talk through how she felt about starting a new work from home role

You successfully started a new role during the last few months and during Covid-19, can you tell me about your new job and the company you work for?

I joined Innovate UK as a Portfolio Manager in the Competitions Team. It’s a really interesting and varied role, and it’s safe to say that no two days are the same. The role requires planning, stakeholder management and a keen eye for detail.

How did you feel before you started about the idea of starting a new job remotely, what were your main concerns?

Working remotely was something I had already been doing, but I was concerned about being able to learn the variety of new things that come with a new role and a new company. I was also concerned about how easy it would be to get to know people without actually being in the same room as them.

How was the communication with your new employer prior to starting your new role?

I had some contact with the HR team prior to my start date about the first few days, what they would involve and also received a delivery of the IT equipment I would need.

How have you found integrating into the team virtually?

It has been challenging based remotely to get to know people but Innovate has been great in offering a support partner for my role but also in arranging some remote team events to help with this. They also encourage networking across the business.

What has been the biggest positive experience you can take away from your first few weeks in the role?

Being part of a great team that have supported the funding of innovation projects across the UK in such wide-ranging areas of industry and research, including the development of a COVID vaccine.

How have the company been flexible during lockdown to support you?

Everyone is home-based and the role requires a full-time focus, but they have offered well-being support and helped implement a meeting free lunch period for all employees where possible

What advice would you give anyone due to start a new role virtually?

Approach with an open, positive mindset and don’t be too hard on yourself. It is harder to pick up things remotely, but ask for the support you feel you need and embrace the opportunity

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