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Posted by Nick Wimshurst
6th May 2021

The Recruitment Rollercoaster – 6 Years On

Niche Recruitment | 6 Years on

As we enter our 7th year as Niche Recruitment, we thought it would be a great time to reflect on what has been an incredible journey, a journey that has brought many highs and some more challenging times.

Without doubt, the key to our success of this business has been the incredible partnership between Co-founders; Nick Wimshurst and Michelle Graham. As a team, we are so proud to have built a company that has gained an enviable reputation in the marketplace. Offering our clients and candidates first-class recruitment services in our Specialist Markets.

Some of our key highlights when looking back on the last 6 years include:

  • Winner of Start-Up business of the year – 2016
  • Winner of Small Business of the year – 2019
  • Developing and growing a team that embody our core values.
  • Bringing onboard new innovative approaches to recruitment including the use of video, pre-covid. Who would have known that this would be playing such an important role in all our lives since March 2020!
  • Building a solid base of longstanding client relationships built on trust and honesty.
  • Placing over 1000 candidates in permanent and temporary roles

The last 6 years has not always been easy, as any founder of a business will understand. We have made mistakes; we have faced many challenges. In the last year, the Covid pandemic has pushed our boundaries further than we could ever have imagined.

Like most businesses we went into Survival Mode and ‘fingers crossed’ we have achieved this.


Michelle Graham, Co-Founder

’Through my 20 years in recruitment, the past year has by far been the toughest. Balancing running the business, motivating a remote team and home-schooling (so glad to have retired the school teacher role), throw in a huge house renovation project. For sure, there were tears and fears about how we could get through it with the economy hit so hard. Heartbreaking to have little control over the future of a business that you have put so much into establishing.

Watching the seasons unfold through my home office window, spring could not have come any sooner. It has always been my favourite season, with the garden showing signs of life and it was so pleasing to see the shoots of recovery in the economy too! We have engaged with more new clients and been briefed on more new roles in the past 6 weeks than throughout the pandemic. It feels good to be back and feel blessed to have come through the other side’.


Nick Wimshurst, Co-Founder

‘I have particularly found it difficult being in an office without my team and feeling isolated. I have always thrived on working with people, creating innovative ideas, brainstorming and just feeding off the support and energy that you have with a team. People who can share in your success or offer advice and support through the tough times.

I am absolutely delighted that with a new blended approach to working from home and in the office, I get my team back. What does this mean for our future at Niche, with an influx of jobs coming in and working with some leading talent. Dare I say it, can we dream, can we have ambition again?’


Another milestone was achieved today, as we welcome back Charli Cumberpatch from her maternity leave. We are delighted to have her back, life is feeling a little bit more normal!

When we look back at the exciting ideas we had when starting this business over 6 years ago, we achieved more than we ever could have wished for, now we believe we can start to be ambitious again and we are very excited about what the future brings.

If you are thinking about growing your team and rebuilding for the future please contact Michelle or Nick on 01793 230469.


WE DID IT! WE WON!🏆… Small Business of the Year 2019!


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