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30th September 2021

Bums Don’t Fill Seats, Good Recruiters Do

Niche Recruitment | Working With Good Recruiters

There is usually a time, especially when a business grows, where just getting ‘bums on seats’ is the top priority for managers. After all, they’re under huge pressure to make sure projects come in on time, demand is met, and the business continues to grow.

However, just filling a position for the sake of it has never cut it in our opinion. If you’re recruiting, then we believe you should always aim to find someone who has the necessary skillset, who is a great cultural fit, and who adds value to your business.

We do understand, of course, that simply having enough hands on deck – to coin another recruiting metaphor – can be useful. But, when jobs are filled with poorly-vetted candidates, it can have seriously detrimental effects. On culture. On morale. On your productivity and output. And on the bottom line! In fact, a poor hire can cost a business 30% of that person’s first years earnings. For smaller businesses, this kind of loss can be a huge challenge.

But don’t fret, because there are things you can do to minimise the risk of taking on a bad apple. In this blog, we will share some tips for avoiding a bad hire and show you why the brands we work with really feel the benefit of using a trusted good recruiter.

1. Look to fill the gap in your current skillset

It sounds obvious, but many employers still fall into the trap of re-hashing old job specs when you need to get someone on board. In doing so, you might be missing a trick. Not only might you duplicate skills you already have, but your new hire might not feel they can grow in the position once they realise there are already people who can do what they can do! Instead, make a thorough assessment of current skillsets, and look to fill the gap. Trust us, there are plenty of hidden gems out there who can expand your business capabilities and add more strings to your bow.

2. Complement the culture of the business

This is pretty important. It’s something we make sure we understand with each client we work with. Because if you can define your company culture, finding someone who will fit with your business values will make everything easier – from onboarding to development, and succession. Though it’s tempting for many recruiters, we never just screen skillsets. We work hard to really understand candidate motivations and personal attributes, so you know you’re getting someone who will dovetail perfectly with your existing team.

3. Keep your recruiter close

If you choose to use a recruiter, then it makes sense to really USE them! There’s no point keeping them at arm’s length because you’ll not be getting the most benefit of the services and skills they bring. So let your recruiter in on what your business is all about. Get them involved. Talk them through your processes. Introduce them to your team. Tick box recruiting is not worth paying for – there are plenty of algorithms out there that can do that. We’re about the human side of recruiting, which is where value can really be added to your business. Yes, it can take a little extra up-front time, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

4. Refine a feedback loop

No matter how hard you try, some people might just not be right. It’s important to consider why they didn’t fit. What was the issue? Was something overlooked? Were there any warning signs? It’s not to apportion blame, but to learn from. The more you know why – and the more you can explain to your recruiters why – the better we can refine the next search to find that perfect candidate.

Don’t just take our word

It’s by following steps like these, and getting to know our clients intimately, that we make sure we never just put bums on seats. Which, in turn, is why some of our clients have been with us since the start of Niche Recruitment.

By working closely with them and helping them navigate the recruitment minefield, we’ve managed to fill thousands of roles, from the straightforward to the surreal! We’ve worked with some great brands including Whittard of Chelsea, National Trust, and Direct Wines. And a few of them have been kind enough to leave us a review – so we thought we’d share some snippets:


“We have been working with Niche Recruitment since the business was formed and find them to be approachable, helpful and professional at all times. They have taken the time to really understand our businesses, our drivers, and requirements. We meet with them regularly to review progress and are always open to new ways of working. We have had a great deal of success with the candidates that Niche provide, who are well suited to our culture.”
Head of HR @ BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

“Niche Recruitment offer something not often found in practice – a real customer-focussed service. Working with Nick has resulted in successful recruitment into roles that have often been difficult to fill due to their specialist nature. This was due to the time and effort Nick and his team spent in really getting to know the business and what we were looking for, listening carefully and using feedback on candidates to refine immediately their approach, saving valuable time in the process.”
Head of Operations, Innovate UK.

Michelle and her team have been excellent on both occasions, quickly understanding my requirements and sourcing the most suitable candidate for the role, business, and team. I can pick up the phone to Michelle and trust she is going get exactly what it is I am after! Niche provide an efficient, responsive and valuable service, hunting out the gems that make the team that I have today.”
Head Of Marketing, SFC Group.

Never settle for bums on seats – Work with Good Recruiters

As these companies know, the quality of your staff will go a long way to determining your success as a business. Whether you’re recruiting yourself, or employing a recruitment agency, make sure you never settle for bums on seats.

Niche Recruitment is an award-winning specialist recruitment agency working across marketing, head office, finance, HR, and L&D sectors. If you’re struggling to find the right people for your organisation, let us take the stress out of recruitment. Discover your niche and call our team today on 01793 230469 or fill out our contact form here.

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