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10th November 2021


Niche Recruitment | The new role rollercoaster


I’m sure we’ve all been there. Waiting in the shadows of a gigantic roaring rollercoaster, full of excitement, and nerves, and worry, and probably a little more excitement…

In our opinion, the period between getting offered a new job and leaving your old one, can be a bit like waiting in line for that potentially scream-inducing, stomach-turning, big dipper.

It’s an emotional whirlwind that can be difficult for some people, particularly if you’ve not had many new roles. But even seasoned job hunters might find the transition a bit tricky. Either way, we understand it can be a somewhat overwhelming time.

So, if you’ve been successful in getting your next new job, congratulations! First and foremost we’re chuffed for you: it’s not easy getting through any interview process. Now it’s about making your move from one company to the next as smooth as possible. And we can help, with our handy pointers to help make sure you enjoy the ride… 

Take some time out

We’re not necessarily suggesting you go and book a holiday – although do make sure you tell your new employer if you do have anything in the diary so they can plan. But, for now, take a moment to soak it all in. This is good news. This is an exciting time! It may have been the dream job that you’ve always wanted. It might be a company you always hoped to work for. Either way, take a little time to enjoy your success.

Giving yourself a bit of space will clear your mind ahead of your notice period – which in some cases could be three months or more.

Check your current contract

Can you remember exactly what you signed up for all that time ago? Contracts are read and often forgotten about quite quickly. It’s important to know what your notice period is, and if there are any clauses in your contract which your new employer might need to know about.

For example, a non-competition clause might mean you cannot talk to your current clients for some time once in your new position. If you’re unsure about anything, speak to your HR team or visit the ACAS website.

Read your new contract thoroughly

While we are on the subject of contracts, before you hand in your resignation, make sure you have a job offer in writing. Until that point, you’re not protected legally should the new firm change its stance. It’s extremely rare, but it’s not worth taking the risk regardless of how excited you are.

And, once you have the new contract of employment, check it through. Then check it again. Make sure any particulars are covered off which might have been discussed at the interview. Once it goes back signed, it will be a lot tougher to change things.

Plan your transition

It’s likely, your current firm won’t want to lose you. You’re an asset to them after all. And unless you have an extremely open dialogue with your boss, they might not know of your intention to leave.

The best approach here will be to think about your current workload, and how you might distribute that amongst the current team – or even better wrap it all up before you go! It will be your boss’s decision at the end of the day, but they will probably be grateful to you for taking some of the leg work out of it for them – and you never know when you might need that positive relationship in the future.

Get in touch with the new firm

A few weeks before your start date, it’s definitely worth checking in with your new boss. They will certainly be as excited as you are about getting started so they’ll no doubt be pleased to hear from you. A few useful questions to ask might be:

  • What’s expected of me on the first day?
  • Is there anything, in particular, I should bring?
  • Where is the best place to park?
  • Who should I ask for?

Top Tip: if you really want to settle the nerves before your first day, jump on LinkedIn and connect with your future colleagues. This will help you put some faces to names. What’s more, you can find out a little more about their professional life, so you have something to ‘break the ice’. A little message saying ‘Hi, looking forward to meeting you’ can go a very long way.

Research the business

From company financial performance to picking your first-day outfit, researching the business will help you settle in quickly. Check the ‘About Us’ page on their website to see what people might be wearing, and dig into the data if you want to know the performance insights and overarching business strategies before you start. Companies House can have some great information about the key decision-makers and financial reports.

Enjoy the ride, you deserve it!

And there you have it. Feeling a little more prepared? We certainly hope so!

Remember, rollercoasters are meant to be fun, and exhilarating – including this hypothetical one. Hopefully, by following some of these tips, you’ll be rolling into your new job with the beaming smile of someone having all the fun of the fair.

Niche Recruitment is an award-winning specialist recruitment agency working across marketing, head office, finance, HR, and L&D sectors. If you’re searching for new opportunities, let us find you your next dream job. Discover your niche and call our team today on 01793 230469, or fill out our contact form here.

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