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24th February 2022


Are you struggling finding a new role? Some people can be hesitant to register with recruiters, however we’re here to actively work against any stereotypes and simply offer the best service for our clients and candidates. We guarantee we work just as hard for both candidate and client, meaning we never put a candidate forward for a role they won’t flourish in.

There are a few other reasons during this turbulent working environment that collaborating with a recruiter can be the reason you land the amazing position you dream about and finally get hired in the role you deserve. Take a look at how below!

1. Our Word Has Weight

We have long standing relationships with a range of clients. Nick, Michelle and Tracy have nearly 60 years of experience recruiting in our different sectors, meaning we have direct lines to hiring managers across the board who trust our judgement and value our word. When we present you as a candidate, it means you have the Niche stamp of approval, so the employer knows that we back you 100%.

2. We Save Your Time

Save yourself some time and some sanity. How many hours have you spent scrolling through job boards and filling out job applications that disappear into the void? As recruiters, we remove all of that hassle. Once you register with us, we do the boring work for you. This means you just need to show up and show out when we find you a role that matches your goals!

3. You’re Never Out the Loop

Are you sick of being ghosted? It seems to be a normality now to never hear back from job applications. Using us as recruiters assures this doesn’t happen. We are with you every step of the way of the hiring process, meaning we are constantly checking in with both you and the employer. You don’t have to wait around anxiously for a blunt email that might never come. At Niche, you are never ghosted, always in the loop and always coming out on top!

4. Niche Services Make You Shine

Utilising our services transforms your CV into a fully formed employable package. We pride ourselves on using a state-of-the-art video service where we conduct interviews, meaning someone who might have fell flat on a piece of paper, shines through on camera. Did you know viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video compared to 10% when reading it in a text? Our services ensures that employees are hit full force with your personality, experience and your personal “it” factor.  

5. We Learn What Makes You Tick!

You stay in our Niche database, and our Niche minds! Meaning if for some reason you aren’t successful for a role, when you register your information will continue to be matched against any new job in your sector. During the interview process we get to know what makes you tick, which means we learn exactly what kind of role screams your name. Unlike hiring directly to a company where your CV would get tossed at the end of the hiring process, you will stay at the top of our list. We highly suggest setting up job alerts to save you even more time, which will send jobs that you have flagged an interest in straight to your inbox, allowing you to be first through the gate of the hiring process.

You can read more about Niche as a company more here. Please feel free to get in touch to learn a little more about us on 01793230469, register your CV here or check out our current roles!

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