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28th April 2022


Long gone are the days of your ambition being measured by how much you slave away at your desk. In the modern age of work there are clearer boundaries between your work/life balance, many employees have shifted to fitting work around life rather than the other way around since the great resignation which you can read more about here.  

With over 60 years combined recruitment experience the team at Niche Recruitment have guided thousands of candidates with career advice over the years. We thought it might be helpful to share some top tips for how you can show ambition in the modern workplace. 

1. Training and Development

If you’re in an organisation or company that offers training programmes take advantage of this. A lot of employees don’t make use of personal training allowances, or more commonly, aren’t aware of the training and development they could access through their employer. Not only does this show that you’re a self-starter, it adds accolades to your resume which is always a bonus. Any training programme that means you leave with a certificate or qualification of any kind is worth the effort for your current work situation and your future plans. If you’re in a smaller company that doesn’t offer these kinds of programmes, there are plenty of free development options you can find online. A great place to find these relating to your field is on Linkedin. 

2. First in Line to Help

We don’t want to encourage you to overwhelm yourself with work, be wary not to take on more than you can chew! However, if you have the capacity to then being a dependable and reliable member of your team is a great way to show you care about advancing your career. Going out of your way to help with projects that aren’t your own, even in small ways, will not only help strengthen your relationship with your colleagues but secure yourself as a trustworthy member of the team. This means your manager is more likely to trust you with larger and more important projects. 

3. Confidence and Presence

Even the most introverted of us can show ambition by being confident in our work. You don’t have to be the loudest in the crowd, you can show confidence by being self-assured in your work. Back yourself with your experience, expertise and talent and fight any imposter syndrome doubts away!  

4. Calculated Risks

You’ll always miss the shots you don’t take. If you have the opportunity to put a good idea to the test with little downside and large reward, take the risk! The most ambitious of us are the people that continuously improve on standards, processes and procedures. Even small changes to processes could see big results, if you have an idea for change make yourself heard and implement it. Rejection or failure is part of growing in your career and will only help point you in the right direction. Trust your initiative and put it on the table! 

5. Goals

You will have goals set by managers in your day-to-day work and in your reviews, but it’s important to have ones for yourself. See it as competing with yourself rather than against your team. Don’t let the progression of your colleagues deter you from your own path. It can be easy to let the advancement of others make us feel hard done by or jealous, but this shouldn’t be the case. Set yourself personal professional goals and compete with your past self to reach higher heights. The best way to track your progression will always be when you judge yourself against yourself rather than others. 

6. Finding a Mentor

Your first thought when finding a mentor would normally be to go straight to your manager. However, this isn’t always the best case! Your mentor doesn’t have to be in a more senior position to you, or even in the same company. If you have a colleague that you feel has a wealth of knowledge in a field or topic you’re interested in, make it known you want to learn from them. You could also find someone in your field you admire on social media and create a professional relationship with them, asking for advice and taking pointers or inspiration by what they post out about their own development.  

We hope this has given you some ideas about how you can show ambition in your job. For more career advice take a look at our blogs below and check out our live roles to find a job you can thrive in! 

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