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19th May 2022


So, you’ve passed your probation, you’ve settled into your team and you’re comfortable with your job. Have you started to feel like you’re ready to take on a little more? Take a look below at the signs that you’re ready for more responsibility and start the process of asking for a promotion – or maybe find a new more senior role with us at Niche! 


Have you found yourself in complete control and comfortability in your role? Have you been proactive and shown initiative at the hurdles you’ve faced? You’ll likely have followed guidance in the early stages of your role and are now at a point where you can’t really remember the last time you needed a lot of help from a manager. 


Your efforts will have made a difference. You can look back on your time in your role and clearly see the effects from the work you’ve put in. Projects you’ve had a hand in, changes to processes you’ve made, and recognition and positive feedback from your peers and management, are all evidence of your work having an effect is a great sign.


Our usual readers will remember our recent How to Get Noticed blog. Taking a browse through this and using our pointers as a tick box will point you in the right direction. If you can safely say you achieve these points on a regular basis, you’ve got more than a foot in the door to the next stage. Once you’ve mastered these steps, it’s time to be asking yourself: what’s next? 


Would past you be proud, and maybe even a little surprised, at the level of expertise in your sector you have today? If you’ve truly immersed yourself into your sector and can weigh in with advice, opinion, and suggestions when conversations in your sector arise, this is a great way to know that you’re well on your way to having the level of knowledge to make you a standout. Do people rely on you? Do colleagues come to you when they need help? You might not have even noticed it happening slowly over time, but it’s a clear sign you’re becoming an expert in your field. 


Your reviews and day to day feedback will be overwhelmingly positive. If any issues arise or you make mistakes, or simply need improvement in an area, negative feedback is taken on board and turned into a plus. Have you been hungry for feedback and thrive on the positives and improve yourself with the negatives? 


Have you taken the initiative to enrol in training offered to you? As suggested in our past blog, taking every opportunity on offer to you and not allowing any open door to stay un-entered makes you someone to pay attention to. Many employees don’t take advantage of training on offer to them, or more commonly, aren’t aware of what’s available. Get in touch with your manager if you haven’t already and ask what your company offers in the way of staff development. 


When the opportunity arises, are you first in line to take the lead when tasks are delegated? You could likely be starting to feel a desire to be the one steering the ship towards a more developed team. Have you started feeling like you could nurture your team to their potential? If you feel a natural inclination to lead tasks given to you, this is a clear sign you have the personality, experience, and confidence to take the next step up to permanent leadership. 


If these signs about responsibility resonate with you, but you find yourself in a position that doesn’t allow upward mobility, get in touch. Or alternatively, click here to view our latest jobs, and find a role that allows your leadership skills to flourish. 

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