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22nd June 2022


Our regular readers will have noticed our most recent initiative, but for those who haven’t, we wanted to tell you the exciting news about our partnership with Ecologi. 

What and Why?

Here at Niche, we’re a small business with big plans. We have always been environmentally conscious but as our 7th birthday approached, we wanted to do something with a bit more impact. Our world is in need of help. As a team we wanted to do our bit and started researching how we could make that happen. Then, we found Ecologi

Ecolo-who? Ecolo-what? Ecologi!

Ecologi is an amazing organisation dedicated to preventing the world’s decline by allowing people like us to take on climate crisis from the comfort of our own homes (and offices!). By empowering the billions of people that care about the climate crisis, Ecologi aim to allow every one of us to offset our carbon footprint and remove billions of tonnes of CO2 from our climate. 

How Does It Work? 

We’re proud to say that we have already planted 1,000 trees! We decided that for our 7th birthday we would celebrate the 1000+ candidates we’ve placed over the years by planting a tree for each of them. As it stands, we have trees planted in our name for our candidates everywhere from Madagascar to Uganda.  But that’s not all, we added an extra 50 trees to our forest to cover each member of our team. Watch this space – this will soon be increasing as our team grows! 

Where Does It Go?

The money we send to Ecologi will support a broad range of projects that are able to show direct evidence that they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Among a range of other fantastic projects, this also includes a range of tree planting initiatives which keep the Earth’s temperature from increasing above 1.5c and helps prevent ecological collapse.  

Carbon Emissions

We’re not just covering our past candidate’s carbon footprint. We’re establishing a process that will invest in eco-projects and offset the carbon emissions of every candidate we place in the future. We’ll also be giving our clients the opportunity to invest extra into the programme if they want to get involved!  

Why Are We Joining Ecologi?

We were an environmentally conscious team to begin with, with Michelle leading our dedication to making effort in lots of small ways. But it soon became clear that the climate crisis demanded us all to start making a bigger impact. Individually, we will never be able to make as much of a change as the big guys, but if a lot of us small fish band together to save our big pond, we can really make a difference.  

You can see our counter at the bottom of this page that will consistently update with our tree counter once we hit certain milestones and we’re so excited to see that number tick higher and higher.  

What Can You Do?

Whatever you’re doing to make an impact, you should be proud of yourself. If you want to join us in our journey, you can click the button below to view our Niche Forest growing. You can click on our trees to find out specifically where our trees are being planted and read up about the amazing communities helping with the projects. You can also see if signing up could work for you and your team! 

Our work with Ecologi is only the first step in our Niche Net Zero Pledge, which we’re excited to let you know more about soon, stay tuned!  

We plant trees with Ecologi

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